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I would have posted these on discord but had issues with a compromised account which resulted in my whole account to get wiped

Ever since Final Fantasy 14 - 1.0 i have always loved 1 specific armor set and those that know me know I love Paladin

I have always wanted to have the armor made IRL but never had a real reason to do so The reason as to why im getting it made now, well i attended a Steampunk festival and made some great friends who then dragged me along to RaiCon and MCM Comic-Con here in the UK, i was their personal photographer and i decided that i will attend them all again but wanted to do it in cosplay with the addition of Kupo-Con.

OK! Steampunk really is not a fitting event for the armor BUT the location is, its held inside a castle and the community welcomes any sort of cosplay or steampunk. I do have other Steampunk attire ready for that too. Saying that, FFXIV has a ton of Steampunk references too.

SOON...... Soon it will become reality and my Paladin gets another "A Realm Reborn" moment but this time will be IRL and not in a game.

you may notice that there is an additional Cloak, its something i wanted to have added as i felt that was something that was missing from the set. While the Cloak will match the design of the armor set, there will be something different about it. Now the Cloak will not be permanently attached, will b something i will be able to remove when i need.

If your wondering where the sword and shield is, they are the last items to be made. at this point in the project, everything is getting ready for a test fit which is happening a week on Monday and after that things will progress rather quickly. I can say that the Sword will be a Curtna Atma and the Shield will be Holy Shield Atma

PLEASE NOTE: the photos are images of WIP, so currently does not represent the final look. 

DISCLAIMER: due to my busy work life, i have no dime to do this my self and, therefor, have approached a father/daughter company to commission the project. They do not normally do commissions like this but decided to take it on





Material - Awaiting Test Fitting before progession


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Okay this is amazing.

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